Can I Eat This?

My general nutrition prescription is to eat a diet of whole natural unprocessed foods. Sugar, Kellogg’s cereals, chemical additives and packaged foods clearly don’t fit this description. There are plenty of healthy substitutes for unhealthy processed foods and I’m pretty good at hacking my diet to make sure I still get to eat chocolate muffins and pancakes – healthy versions, of course 🙂

I get plenty of questions, as well as absolute statements, from people looking to justify eating junk food such as “Can I have wine since it is just fermented grapes?”  “I only use brown sugar,” “I only have ONE biscuit,” or “Is it ok to eat low fat Fruche?”

The thing is, if you have to ask, you probably already know the answer. I don’t enjoy being the Nutrition Nazi but when you are regularly justifying or fooling yourself why you are allowed to eat high-sugar highly-processed diabetes-causing foods with each meal then you will never reach your goals. Sure, the odd thing here and there most likely won’t set you back, but at some point you will have to decide if you’d prefer to drink wine every night or reduce body fat. You can’t have both.

When you find yourself asking these questions, ask yourself, “How will this food item get me closer to my goals?” I GUARANTEE you will find your answer!

Here are some sample conversations you might have with yourself:

“Is it ok to have a biscuit with my morning tea?”
“I want to reduce my body fat, so is eating a biscuit going to help me?”
“It’s just one biscuit… Everything in moderation
“Actually, one biscuit every day is half a pack a week and half a pack of biscuits won’t help me at all.”

“How about low fat Fruche?”
“I want to reduce my risk of diabetes and cancer since it runs in the family. How will this help me?”
“It’s low fat! It must be good!”
“Let’s take a look at the ingredients. Lots of sugar, 6 different thickeners, gelatine, 2 acidity regulators, colour and preservative. These ingredients will not protect me against disease.”

If you’re not sure about a food item, have this conversation with yourself. You already know if you should be eating it or not.

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