How Do I Stay Motivated?

I’ve been reading a lot lately that we have a finite amount of willpower in us. When we embark on a new healthy eating plan or a new exercise plan, we’re quite motivated to begin with. We’re enthusiastic and can do quite well with strong willpower for a few days or maybe a week or so. Unfortunately, the time comes when we run out of motivation. There is no more willpower left in the tank.

Exercise - Some motivation required

Some clients tell me, “But it’s easy for you!” Well, I tell you, no it’s not. I simply have a reason to exercise and eat well. Not just a logical reason, like, it’s good for me. But I enjoy various sports (such as running, powerlifting, kettlebell sport etc) and I always perform better when I train consistently, when I eat well, and when I have competitions to aim for, which means I must be in a constant state of improvement. Not only that, but as a personal trainer I consider it part of my job description to be reasonably fit and healthy. If I fall into a state of disrepair, I personally consider that to be hypocritical, against my own core values, and I would consider myself a fraud!

So you can see I have quite a few strong reasons to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some days I don’t feel like training, some days I want to eat cookies, some days I’d rather sleep in. But instead of relying on willpower, I have strong emotive reasons to follow my plan. And that’s what keeps me going.

So since you have a certain amount of willpower, you need some real reasons as to why you want to eat well and exercise regularly.

Some reasons are logical, but do not inspire you from the inside. They do not rouse any emotion and do not inspire you. You cannot rely on these reasons:

  • My doctor told me to lose weight
  • It’s good for me
  • I probably don’t get enough vitamins
  • My parents are making me

So how do you find YOUR reason?

You simply need to ask yourself WHY you want this. Your answers need to inspire you, resonate with you, and fire you up.

Unfortunately I can’t give you YOUR reasons to inspire you to put down the cookie jar or show up to your gym. I can give you some ideas, but they probably won’t mean anything to YOU:

  • Perhaps you are terrified of having a heart attack like your parents
  • Perhaps you want to perform better at your sport
  • Perhaps you want to be fit and healthy for your children or your grandchildren
  • Perhaps you feel sick when you eat junk food
  • Perhaps you want to be the person you never were

Whatever the case, your reasons need to resonate with you. Your motive needs to be emotive.

Once you have your reasons, you will find it much easier to stick to your plan. It won’t always be easy, but it won’t be as hard as relying on willpower alone.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you need help discovering your reasons.

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