How to be a frEaK

How to be a Fit Freak

My name is Anna and I am a fReAK

Do you ever feel like a FreAk amongst your friends, family and work colleagues?

Do you feel like the odd one out because you are the only one taking your training and nutrition seriously?

When no one else understands how much you love training, or that you really are serious about not eating the cakes being passed around at work, I know you might feel like a frEaK show. 

These people say things to discourage you, like:

  • You better stop doing those manly exercises before you turn into the wrong shape.
  • Why do you lift such heavy weights?
  • You look fine, what’s wrong with eating one cookie?
  • You can work it off later tonight!
  • Lifting heavy things is bad for your back.
  • Running long distance is bad for your knees.
  • Squatting is bad for your knees.
  • Why on Earth would you want to do that?

Do you feel disheartened when you hear these remarks?

Feel disheartened no more, here’s your Definitive Guide To Being A Fit FrEaK 🙂

Living as a fReAK

Learn to ignore UnFrEAky comments from uNFrEAkY people. This will drain your fReAKy vibes. They will learn to respect your FrEAkY choices soon enough. Think about it: Does your self-worth really have to be based on what others think and say about you?

It’s OK to be a FrEaK

Find out if you have any Fellow FreAkAzOid Friends and hang out with them more often. Ask your friends and colleagues questions about what exercise they do. Soon enough you’ll find out who is FrEAky like you.

You can also find FrEak-Friendly activities to participate in. You can search for them at a gym, in running races, at strength competitions, and in group training sessions. Try participating in some of these activities and events to meet more FReaK-FRienDly Folk.

Hold your head high, Sir FreakALot

I bet you don’t care how other people run their lives, so why do you care what they have to say about you? Remember, if everyone did the same things and thought the same thoughts, life would be pretty boring and predictable.

Embrace your FrEAkNess

Relish your uniqueness.

Do what pleases you.

As the song goes… Don’t worry, Be happy 🙂

How to be a Fit Freak

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