Why Should I Eat Healthy Food?

When you know why you really want to eat well, it makes actually doing so much easier. It’s also good to know why you enjoy eating unhealthy food too. Because then you can see why you continue to do it, when that’s not what you want.

Once you know why you continue the behaviour you don’t want, and why you want to eat well, then you can fill in the gaps and work out what you need to do to change.

This doesn’t just apply to food, it applies to exercise too, of course, if that’s where you need to improve your lifestyle.

Now I can’t tell you why you enjoy eating unhealthy food, but here are some common reasons:

  • It makes me feel good (comfort food)
  • It’s what my friends/family eat
  • I like to go out to eat and drink and be social
  • My kids like treats so I eat them too
  • I like to relax with a glass of wine each night
  • It’s quicker and easier to buy takeaway than to cook

If any of these reasons resonate with you, write it down. Also write down any other reasons that come to mind as to why you enjoy eating unhealthy food.

Next, we’ll explore the reasons why you might like to eat healthy food. Again, I can’t tell you what your individual reasons are, but I can tell you want I hear a lot from clients, and perhaps some of these things might remind you of your own reasons:

  • I don’t like the look of myself anymore
  • I don’t want to buy bigger clothes
  • I feel sick when I eat certain foods
  • Family history of diabetes or other illness
  • I’m tired all the time and need more energy
  • I want to look better before I go travelling

Again, if any of these reasons resonate with you, write them down. And write down any other reasons you can think of as to why you wish to eat healthy food.

So now you basically have a list of pros and cons for changing your eating habits. You can see now why it can be so hard to make a change, when there are genuine reasons for wanting to continue eating unhealthy food.

The next step is to bridge the gap. You need to work out what you should be doing differently to make the change to eating healthy food. You need your reasons for eating well in the forefront of your mind. Then when you are thinking up reasons as to why you should have something unhealthy, you know exactly why you really don’t want it, and why you want to eat well.

Hopefully this has given you some insight as to why you want to eat well, and also why is it not always easy.

Mindset coaching can certainly help you get clarification on why you want to eat well or exercise more, and why you may have trouble sticking to your plans. We can also put together some simple steps to help you make healthy eating, or regular exercise, a habit. Get in touch to book your coaching session.

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